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Paris-based producer Nodey has been trained in the art of French rap. He gained increasing popularity by competing in renowned beatmaking battles and producing for Seth Gueko, Flynt, La Scred Connexion, or Youssoupha. Influenced by artists such as RJD2, DJ Mehdi, Blockhead, and DJ Shadow, the progressive producer constantly experiments and explores new dimensions for his sampling artistry. As a result, in 2015 he received his first gold album for the production of Youssoupha’s Chanson Française.With the release of his first EP Atrahasis, Nodey unveiled a musical side that surprised many. Exploring electronica while remaining true to his hip hop roots, Atrahasis is a powerful and esoteric sound.
Stemming from an invite to the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy in Paris, Nodey’s musical identity was given the space to evolve, resulting in Vinasounds Vol 1. This second EP is spellbinding and rich. Mixing the seeds of traditional Vietnamese music, the crisp sounds of hip-hop, and blends of electro, he has reached a master stroke in music. Vinasounds Vol 1 is a true spiritual trip enriched by the vocals of Huong Thanh – a Vietnamese singer of international standing.
The beatsmith is at a crucial junction in his art, he aspires to take his rap heritage by taking it down a personal path. His story has only begun, and it promises to be unpredictable.

© Julien Liénard


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