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Back in the 1990s, Paris was awash with graffiti. Back streets and boulevards in every arrondissement found themselves caked in tags of various legibility. Like denim jeans and hamburgers, hip hop and all that came with it was an all-American import that young Parisians embraced with open arms. Rifling through the racks in record shops like Urban Sounds for the latest releases from from the East and West coasts was a teenaged Nodey.
The record shops might have shuttered, and the city might have rid itself of the grafiti, but Nodey’s passion for hip hop is just as strong now as it was when he first heard Wu Tang Clan and Cypress Hill way back when.
The son of Vietnamese immigrants, Nodey’s singular approach to production has marked him out as one of France’s most in-demand beathsmiths. Fusing the Vietnamese records he grew up on with contemporary US rap, and a touch of the kind of club-ready house and techno it’s impossible to avoid in Paris, his work to date is invigorating, innovative, and hugely individualistic.
Having made a name for himself with the hyper-polished 2015 EP Atrahasis—which fused the grimey zero-gravity atmospherics of London’s Night Slugs crew with the trunk-rattling low-end spasms of trap—his second release, Vinasounds Vol 1 brought him to even wider attention.
Recorded during a few days at the Paris outpost of the globe-spanning Red Bull Studios, and comprised of samples taken straight from the crackly Vietnamese records that littered his family home, the EP sees him burrowing into his identity—and more specifically, what it means to be French-Vietnamese. The result is both a personal exploration of individual heritage through music, and an examination of how the changing face of a nation and its history can always be heard—if you listen closely. He is the sound of worlds colliding, worlds reshaping themselves.
2016 also saw Nodey work alongside the contemporary Chinese artist, Tianzhuo Chen, providing part of the soundtrack for her expansive, and mind-expanding film, Ishvara. That collaboration acted as a turning point in Nodey’s career, giving him an in into the art scene, and taking him a step away from his rap roots.
Music has given him an opportunity both see the world, and reflect it in his music. He now wants to make music that’s more personal than anything he’s put out to date. Bursting with ideas, brimming with confidence, the future looks brighter than bright for Nodey.


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